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  GLOW 2009, Eindhoven (NL) - Internationales Forum für Lichtkunst und Architektur. (Webseite: Glow 2009)

4. Edition "Being Public"
Kuratoren: Bettina Pelz und Tom Groll.
GLOW 2009, Ralph Ueltzhoeffer - project 13   Ralph Ueltzhoeffer - MISSING (Glow 2009)
GLOW (2009): Installation "missing", Ralph Ueltzhoeffer (Text Portrait).   Ort: De Bijenkorf, GLOW Projekt 13.
Installationsansicht: GLOW (Artopsent)   De Bijenkorf, Eindhoven - Glow 2009
Installatiosansicht: GLOW 2009   Location: De Bijenkorf
GLOW Eindhoven 2009   Installation: Ralph Ueltzhoeffer
Installation: "MISSING", 2009   Ralph Ueltzhoeffer, GLOW 2009
  GLOW 2009 - Künstlerverzeichnis: Philipp Geist, Un Poco Loco, Vollrad Kutscher, Ralph Ueltzhoeffer, Sigrun Appelt, Marie Sester, Mary-Anne Kyriakou, Max Sudhues, Rafael Lozano Hemmer, Armsrock, Kai Piippoo, Eva Maria Joeressen, Klaus Kessner, Mader - Stublic - Wiermann, Michael Najjar, Dominik Lejman, Marnix de Nijs, Berry van Egten, Daniel Schlaepfer, Apparati Effimeri.

Project: Text Portrait MISSING
Location: De Bijenkorf

Ralph Ueltzhoeffer’s artistic research is dedicated to the relationship of visual and written information in the digital sphere and their relevance for the beliefs one produces from these data. His search for new forms synchronizing visual and written information reacts and reflects on the internet as an open and central source of information in times of globalization and digitalization of data. In the synopses of visible and readable information he engenders visuals which require new perceptional approaches.

In the “Text Portraits” images and words are equally used to generate a portrait, understood as the visual representation of an individual. On display during GLOW are portraits for which Ralph Ueltzhoeffer has taken photographic portraits of randomly chosen citizens of Eindhoven. Combining the miscellaneous digital information he composes portraits using the word ”missing” referring to the trait of human cognition to hide daily routine perceptions in “blind spots”. (more at Artopsent)

  Presse: GLOW – International Forum of Light in Art and Architecture Eindhoven 2009 I 4th Edition I Being Public Curated by Bettina Pelz and Tom Groll Due to the dedication of CityDynamiek Eindhoven, from November, 6th to 15th, 2009, the city center of Eindhoven turns again into a forum of interventions, installations, performances and events based on the phenomena of artificial light. The Subject 2009: Being public The democratic culture considers the public spheres as the sources for the democratic process within a society. Publics are created by meeting and inter-acting of individuals in interest- or expertise-driven communities. Their agreements and conventions, assemblies and representation systems produce the public organism in which we live. „Being public“ is the subject of GLOW 2009 focusing - in the choice of artists and designers, parcours, locations and works - on the changing qualities of public spheres. Embodiment of the public spheres is urban public space as an open space without any access restrictions and as the space of open discourses and free shaping of collective opinions. Observing the ongoing changes in appearance and meanings of public space, gazes are directed to the fragile individual bonds to geographic locations and communities, to the segmentation of the public space by its commercialized use and to the missing link between urban planning and citizen interests. Present is a need for discussion and action, which is essential for the sustainable progress of democratic culture. To generate a public for these questions GLOW 2009 is an open source for collective experiences and a platform for shared discussions about present and future qualities, including their responsibilities and challenges.
  Locationmap GLOW 2009
  GLOW - Installationmap
  Künstlerinformationen GLOW 2009:

Philipp Geist, born in Witten in 1976, grew up in Weilheim and moved to Berlin in 1999. As an artist and autodidact, he works internationally with the mediums video installation, audio/ visual performance, painting and photography, Visuelle Performance, Malerei und Fotografie. 2002 Usa, Richmond, solo exhibition, Gallery Russel Projects Canada, Montreal Mutek 2010 - outdoor video installation 'time drifts' Ahrenshoop Neues Kunsthaus - solo exhibiton Berlin GalerieM - solo exhibtion Zagreus Projekt Soloexhibition 'Tauchgänge' Reutlingen Sonic Vision Audio / Visual Performance Geneva Outdoor Video Installation Palais Eynard, Parc des Bastions Warsaw Zacheta National Gallery WEF09 Audio / Visual Performance Barcelona EL ESCAPARATE - Birds A_Lighting St.Petersburg - Permanent Video Installation "Newa" Oberwesel Rheinpartie/ Luminale - Liquid Memory Gdansk Soloexhibition Muzeum Narodowe w Gdansku Gdanska Galeria Fotografii Gdynia, TRANSVIZUALIA Festival, PPNT, Outdoor Installation 'Mapping' Project Eindhoven, Glow Festival, Outdoor Installation 'timing' Bangkok, Facade Videoinstallation Time Fades, Kulturforum Berlin; Broken Time Lines, Neues Kunsthaus Ahrenshoop Bucharest, Riverine video installation and photoworks Lighting Times, Museum Weilheim Australia, Melborne Urban Screens – Riverine Screening Harmating Galerie Ruf - photoworks Vienna, white8 Gallery soloexhibition photo works & videostills Ahrenshoop Neues Kunsthaus Riverine Zones Connected Installation Bucharest outdoor video installation Riverine video installation, Three Walls Gallery, Chicago video installation Time Lines Palazzo delle Esposizioni,Rome Neue Nationalgalerie, Salon Noir, Berlin Athens Synch Festival Dresden – Motorenhalle Groupexhibition Zurich; Video Installation Outdoor Sonar Festival, Barcelona; Mutek Festival, Montreal Rome, Dissonanze Festival Munich, Pinakothek der Moderne Opening Video installation Further projects are characterized by their complexity and the integration of the location, the sound and moving images. Geists Projekte sind in erster Linie gekennzeichnet durch ihre Komplexität in der Integration vonRaum, Ton und Bewegbild.

  Vollrad Kutscher, Lebt und arbeitet in Frankfurt am Main. *1945 - Gastkünstler SS/07 an der Universität Hildesheim Gastprofessur Universität Gießen Gastprofessur Gesamthochschule Kassel Lehraufträge an der FH Würzburg, F+F Zürich, Universität Lüneburg, Gesamthochschule Kassel, Hochschule für Gestaltung Offenbach, HBK Saarbrücken halbe Stelle als Kunsterzieher in Frankfurt freischaffend zweites Staatsexamen Studium am Hochschulinstitut für Kunst- und Werkerziehung, Mainz, erstes Staatsexamen Bundeswehr Abitur in Wiesbaden geboren in Braunschweig
  Marie Sester, Education 1980 Architect DPLG Degree (M Arch), Ecole d’Architecture de Strasbourg, France.
  Mary-Anne Kyriakou, Profession: Specialist Lighting Consultant and Music Composer, Position: Director, Nationality: Australian
Language: English, French, Greek
  Max Sudhues, Biographical dates: Born 1977 in Münster, Germany. Lives and works in Berlin, Germany.
  Rafael Lozano Hemmer, born in Mexico City in 1967. In 1989 he received a B.Sc. in Physical Chemistry from Concordia University in Montréal, Canada. Electronic artist, develops large-scale interactive installations in public space, usually deploying new technologies and custom-made physical interfaces. Using robotics, projections, sound, internet and cell-phone links, sensors and other devices, his installations aim to provide "temporary antimonuments for alien agency". His work has been commissioned for events such as the Millennium Celebrations in Mexico City (1999), the Cultural Capital of Europe in Rotterdam (2001), the United Nations' World Summit of Cities in Lyon (2003), the opening of the Yamaguchi Centre for Art and Media in Japan (2003) and the Expansion of the European Union in Dublin (2004) and the 40th Anniversary of the Tlatelolco Student Massacre in Mexico City (2008). His work in kinetic sculpture, responsive environments, video installation and photography has been shown in three dozen countries, including Biennials in Venice (Italy), Istanbul (Turkey), Havana (Cuba), Sydney (Australia), Liverpool (UK), Shanghai (China), Seoul (Korea), Seville (Spain) and others. His work is in private and public contemporary art collections such as the Museum of Modern Art in New York, the Jumex collection in Mexico, the Daros Foundation in Zürich and the Tate Collection in London. At the Prix Ars Electronica in Austria, his pieces have received a Golden Nica, a distinction and two honourable mentions. He also won two BAFTA British Academy Awards for Interactive Art in London, a distinction at the SFMOMA Webby Awards in San Francisco, "Artist/ performer of the year" at Wired Magazine's Rave Awards, a Rockefeller fellowship, the Trophée des Lumières in Lyon and an International Bauhaus Award in Dessau, Germany. He has given many workshops and conferences, among them at Goldsmiths college, the Bartlett school, Princeton, Harvard, UC Berkeley, Cooper Union, MIT MediaLab, Guggenheim Museum, LA MOCA, Netherlands Architecture Institute and the Art Institute of Chicago. His writing has been published in Kunstforum (Germany), Leonardo (USA), Performance Research (UK), Telepolis (Germany), Movimiento Actual (Mexico), Archis (Netherlands), Aztlán (USA) and other art and media publications.
  Armsrock, Biographical dates: Armsrock was born in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1984. He lived in Bremen, Germany between 2003 and 2009 and is educated at the Hochschule fur Kunst, Bremen. He currently lives and works in Copenhagen.
  Kai Piippoo, Managing design principal for Stockholm based company Ljusarkitektur. The leading lighting design practise in Scandinavia established 1991. Kai Piippos works range from the exotic Ice Hotel to the new Swedish embassy building “The house of Sweden” in Washington DC. Many of his ongoing works are in US and Dubai. In Sweden he works with HM for their new headquarters building and also with commercial shopping malls as PUB and newly opened Kfem in Vallingby. Kai has won numerous awards for his lighting design. Kai Piippo gives lectures in Universities and lighting events around the world and was one of the members of PLDA who developed the format of lighting workshops. One of his big interest is the difference between lighting cultures and how light can increase the quality of life. He also enjoys to ride motorcycles.
  Eva Maria Joeressen, 1956 born, studies: Academy of Fine Arts Münster 1985 Meisterschüler of Timm Ulrichs Since 1998 Professor at the Peter Behrens School of Architecture (PBSA), University of Applied Sciences focus of artistic work: light objects, installations, art in architecture numerous exhibitions, awards and grants.
  Klaus Kessner, born 1957 in Hamm/Westf. studies: music, musicology, german literature focus of artistic work: development of audio-visual systems numerous compositions, exhibitions and performances.
  Mader - Stublic - Wiermann, Holger Mader , Basel 1970 - Alexander Stublic, Saarbrücken 1967 - Heike Wiermann, Leipzig 1971.
  Sigrun Appelt, 1965 born in Bludenz, lives und works in Vienna Selected exhibition and group shows since 1996 1996 Raum für aktuelle Kunst – Prosart, Luzern (S); Coming up, Museum Moderner Kunst, 20er Haus Vienna *; cartografia, Galerie Museum, Bozen * 1997 it always jumps back / and finds its way, DE APPEL, Amsterdam *; Unbeschreiblich Weiblich, Kunstmuseum St. Gallen; Alpenblick, Kunsthalle Vienna * 1998 Reservate der Sehnsucht, hARTware projekte, Dortmunder U *; Stretch, Galerie Index at Tensta Konsthall, Stockholm * 1999 Raumvorstellungen, Künstlerwerkstatt Lothringerstraße 13, Munich * 2001 2001 Mailand – Europa 2000, Padiglione d’Arte Contemporanea, Milano *; Videos, Pavillon, Wels (S) Detourism, Rennaissance Society at the University of Chicago, Chicago * 2002 2002 Kunstverein Friedrichshafen (S); non-places, Frankfurter Kunstverein *; Urbane Sequenzen, Kunsthalle Erfurt *; Reale Fotografie, Kunstraum Dornbirn; Nachtschicht, Kunsthalle Faust, Hannover und Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin 2003 2003 LokoMotive, Graz 2003; Je veux, Palais de Tokio, Paris; kunst-en-passant, Basis und Kunsthalle Vienna; 16.777.216, permanente Lichinstallation, Bludenz (S); Skating Cinepolis, Hamburg; hotel/hotel, Landesmuseum Linz*; 38.028.797.018.963.968 light installation at Maag Areal, Zürich 2004 2004 Moderato cantabile, Landesgalerie /Landesmuseum Linz (S)*; Einleuchten, Museum Moderner Kunst, Salzburg*; 72KW, a9 forum transeuropa, Museumsquartier; Moderato cantabile, Kulturwissenschaftliches Institut Essen; 68.719.476.736 light installation at Museumsquartier Vienna, MUMOK, Vienna 2005 2005 288 KW, Kunsthaus Bregenz (S); Lichtkunst aus Kunstlicht, Zentrum für Medienkunst, Karlsruhe *; Lebt und arbeitet in Wien, Kunsthalle Vienna * 2006 2006 116 KW, Luminale, Kunsthalle Schirn, Frankfurt; Tunnels, Medienturm Graz;
  Ralph Ueltzhoeffer, Born: Mannheim-Neckarau, Germany, 1966 Education: Akademie der Bildenden Künste Karlsruhe, 1996-2002 Currently lives and works in Mannheim/London. Selected One-Person/Group Exhibitions: 2010 Art Karlsruhe 2010, One-man-Show, Asperger Gallery, Berlin. (4. bis 7. März 2010). 2010 Galerie für Editionen Lumas, Frankfurt - Titel: "Privacy", Textportraits u.A. Maria Callas Edition. (05.02. - 16.03.2010). 2010 Editionsgallery Lumas, München - Titel: "Man's World" - Ralph Ueltzhoeffer, Hans Georg Esch, Rafael Neff. (05.02. - 16.03.2010). 2009 "This item" - Photography Exhibition: Peter Hujar, Ralph Ueltzhoeffer, Laura Maria May... Marietta Neuss, London. 2009 GLOW: Forum of Light in Art and Architecture, Nov. 6 - Nov. 15 Eindhoven, NL. Installation "MISSING" - Digitalprint on canvans. 2009 Lumas, Frankfurt - Titel: "Identity" - Textportraits u.A. Joseph Beuys, Andy Warhol uvm. 2009 Prada New York, Textportrait - "Missing", Laura May / Ralph Ueltzhoeffer. "Prada New York" - Digitalprint on canvans. 2009 Editionsgallery Lumas, New York - Titel: "Close Up" - Michel Comte, Ralph Ueltzhoeffer, Vera von Lehndorff. 2009 Editionengalerie Lumas, Stuttgart - Titel: "Identity" - Textportraits u.A. Kate Moss, Joseph Beuys, Madonna uvm. 2008 Marietta Neuss London, Ausstellung (Slides) Ralph Ueltzhoeffer, Laura May. "Marietta Neuss London" Slides & Videos. 2008 ING - L´Espace culturel, Mont des Arts / Kunstberg: "WEBIDENTITY" - Martin Hueys, Edvard DeMonte, Ralph Ueltzhoeffer. 2008 Marietta Neuss London, Textportrait - "Anonymity" Ralph Ueltzhoeffer / Laura May. "Waterloo Rd London" Digitalprint on canvans. 2008 Chelsea Artgalleries Tomwell, New York - Textportrait - "Missing" Ralph Ueltzhoeffer / Laura May. Digital - Netzprint. 2008 Ground Zero New York, Textportrait - "Missing", Laura May / Ralph Ueltzhoeffer. Digitalprint auf Netzplane. 2008 Cafe Europe New York, Textportrait - "Missing", Laura May / Ralph Ueltzhoeffer. 2007 2B Galeria, Budapest, Groupexhibition: "We are what we are" - Textimages: Gino De Dominicis, Ralph Ueltzhoeffer... 2007 Asperger Gallery Pforzheim, Textportraits u.A. Xavier Naidoo, David Beckham. 2007 Weishaupt Contemporary, Montreux (CH) Titel: "Anonymity" - Textportraits, Ralph Ueltzhoeffer / Laura May. 2007 Raststätte Milano Ovest, IT - "Anonymity", Textportrait Ralph Ueltzhoeffer / Laura May 2007. 2007 Raststätte St. Gotthard, CH - "Anonymity", Textportrait Mediaschaltung / Netzplane. Ralph Ueltzhoeffer / Laura May. 2007 Stiftelsen 3,14 Bergen, Hordaland International Art Gallery, Titel: "WHO IS" - Textportraitproject "Anonymity" (Groupexhibition). 2007 Stadt Mannheim, "Textportraits" -Grossflächen-Mediaschaltung (Textportrait Xavier Naidoo). 2006 Montreux, Casino - CH - Lichtprojektion, Hologramme, Textportraits. (Rauminstallation) 2006 Galerie Marietta Neuss, Berlin - Textportraits: Xavier Naidoo, David Beckham u.A. 2005 Stadt Braunschweig, Grossflächen-Plakate, "Gesichter dieser Stadt" - Textportraits. 2005 Cabinet Gallery, London "Holography" - Lightarchitecture for Virtual-Operating-Room. Hologram - Installation . 2005 Galerie Lelong, Zürich - "NORWAY" - Titel: "Private Room" (Installation, Farbfotografien). 2004 Manchester Arts Center - "David Beckham", Textportrait installation (Digital - Netzprint). 2004 AKV Hannover, RAUM 949 - "BEING PUBLIC, BEING PRIVATE" (Videoinstallation). 2004 Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh - Titel: "Portrait of a soccer legend" - Textportrait David Beckham. 2004 Ann Anderson Projects - Art Center, Stockholm SE - Textportrait "Manchester", David Beckham, Titel: "panem et circenses" u.A. 2004 Galerie Weishaupt -Contemporary, Titel: "Roomdetecting" Translocation - Hologramm - Projektion. 2004 Stadt Mannheim, Grossflächen-Plakate, "Gesichter einer Stadt" - Textportraits. 2003 Ralph Ueltzhoeffer, Galerie Weishaupt, Montreux CH - 2003 (SW Fotografien) / Textportraits. 2001 Orgelfabrik Karlsruhe-Durlach 2001 (Geschichte von der hungernden Biene) / Rauminstallation. Jens Rühl, Ralph Ueltzhoeffer. 2000 Ausstellungshalle 1a, Frankfurt: Titel: "Gesellschaftsspiel" - Klasse Ernst Caramelle - Kunstakademie Karlsruhe. 1999 Asperger Gallery, Berlin - 1999 Fotografie und Malerei. 1998 Multimedia-Ausstellung „Elvira bitte melde mich“ in Karlsruhe. 1997 Kunstraum Germersheim "Suche" mit Birgit Finger, Bernd Rubriem; Marion Schrein, Ralph Ueltzhoeffer. 1997 ORM Kulturlokal Rhein-Neckar - Grafische Aspekte im Lebensraum Mannheim-Neckarau (Fotografien). 1995 San Diego "Photography in black and white" (Krupp-Foto X 94).
  Michael Najjar, In 2008 Michael Najjar had his first large retrospective on view at the Museum for Photography and the Museum for Contemporary Art GEM in The Hague, curated by Wim van Sinderen. Michael Najjar’s work was part of the 2006 Venice Biennale's 10th International Architecture Exhibition, he was also included in the 9th Havana Biennale 2006 and Convergence Biennale Beijing 2007. Harald Szeemann exhibited his work in 2004 in ”the beauty of failure / the failure of beauty“ at the Joan Miró Foundation in Barcelona. He has also exhibited at the Museum Ludwig, Cologne; Kunsthalle Hamburg / Galerie der Gegenwart, Hamburg; Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe, Hamburg; Deichtorhallen - International Museum of Photography, Hamburg; Edith Russ Site for Media Art, Oldenburg; Federal Foreign Office of Germany, Berlin; Goethe Institute, New York, Tuscon Museum of Art; Tucson; Science Museum, London; Museum of Contemporary Art, Birmingham; International Center for Contemporary Art, Terni; New Media Art Insitute, Amsterdam; Museum Trapholt, Kolding; FORMA International Centre for Photography, Milan; Centre pour L´ image Contemporaine; Geneva, Museo DA2 (Domus Artium 2002), Salamanca; National Museum of Science, Taipeh; Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing. His work is also shown frequently at international art fairs in New York, Miami, London, and Madrid.
  Dominik Lejman, Born in 1969, Gdansk, Poland Education 1989 – 1993 Academy of Fine Arts, Gdansk 1993 – 1995 Royal College of Art, Degree of Master of Arts, London Selected Group Exhibitions 2009 Good Night and Bad Luck - Art and Fear in Poland and Israel, Artists House, Tel Aviv Awake and Dream, Signum Foundation Palazzo Dona Venice Singular, Luxe Gallery New York Still/Motion, Mie Prefectural Art Museum, The National Museum of Art, Osaka, Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography Prague Triennale, Veletrzni Palace, Prague Red Eye Effect, CCA Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw Amateurs of the White Madness, Galeria Piekary, Poznan Video Killed the Painting Star, DOMUS ATRIUM 2002 Salamanca, Spain Space as the Place, Bathouse Centre for Contemporary Art, Gdansk Asia-Europe mediations, Wyzsza Szkola Nauk Humanistycznych i Dziennnikarstwa, Poznan Place as the Space, Kronika Gallery, Bytom Artist in Wonderland, Gdynia, Center for New Technologies Phantoms, Luxe Gallery New York Painting as Presence (this is not a love song), Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin Zamieszkanie, Motorenhalle, Dresden YOU WON`T FEEL A THING: On Panic, Obsession, Rituality, and Anesthesia, Kunsthaus Dresden Malarstwo XXI wieku Galeria Zacheta, Warszawa Lódz Biennale POZA, Real Art Ways, Hartford USA Face a Face(s), Artcurial, Paris Passages to Olymp, Sojo Gallery, Sojo University, Kumamoto, Japan Egocentric, Outmoded, Immoral, Zacheta Gallery, Warsaw Re:Location 6: Re(framed)locations, dis(covered)desires, Bathouse Centre for Contemporary Art, Gdansk Anxiety and Influence: Batchelors, Brides and a Family Romance, Stadtgalerie Bern, Switzerland Distances? Le Plateau, Fonds regional d’art contemporain d’Ile-de-France, Paris Architectures: Meta-structures of Humanity, Morphic Strategies of Exposure, Polish Pavilion, 9th International Architecture Exhibition, Venice Beyond The Red Horizon, Centre for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle Warsaw, National Centre for Contemporary Arts, Moscow A Decade, Centre for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw Artists in Residence, Location One, New York Prague Biennale 1, National Gallery, Veletrzni Palac, Prague 4 Rooms, Bunkier Sztuki, Kraków Basic Elements, Rauma Biennale Balticum 02, Rauman Taidemuseo, Finland Re:location, OK Centrum für Gegenwartskunst, Linz, Austria Scene 2000, Centre for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw After the Wall, Moderna Museet Stockholm, Hamburger Banhoff, Berlin At the Time of Writing, Centre for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw.
  Marnix de Nijs, Marnix de Nijs is a Rotterdam based artist who explores the dynamic clash between bodies, machines andother media. His works include mainly interactively experienced machines that play with the perception and control of image and sound, but also, radical and humorous pieces such as his bullet proof tent and bullet proof. Marnix has presented his works at several national and international media-festivals and worked with Time's Up_org, Edwin van der Heide, Montevideo_lab, V2_lab, ZKM and the Krisztina de Châtel Dance Company. He won prices with his installations in Madrid, Linz, Berlin and Taipei. He recently won the Witteveen & Bos Art and Technology Price 2005 for his complete ouvre. Education 1988-1992 1982-1988 Arnhem Institute for the Arts, Arnhem, NL Athenaeum, Marnix College, Ede, NL Grants \ Awards 2005 2005 2002 2001 2001 2000 Witteveen & Bos Art and Technology Price 2005, NL Honourly Mentioned Prix Ars Electronica, Linz, AU Honourly Mentioned Vida 5.0 Art and A-life awards, Telefonica Foundation, Madrid, SP Honourly Mentioned Prix Ars Electronica, Linz, AU Honourly Mentioned Transmediale Award, Berlin, DE First price Art Future 2000 Award, Acer Digital Art Centre, Taipei, TW.
  Berry van Egten, Education 2006 Master in Architectural Lighting Design 2002 Kleurenkunde 1997 Hogere verlichtingskunde 1995 Nima A 1994 Middle Management 1994 Middelbare verlichtingskunde 1993 Bedrijfskundige Informatica 1992 BE-A elektronica 1991 Verlichtingskunde 1991 Economische en administratieve vaardigheden 1991 Commerciële vaardigheden 1989 Vakdiploma elektrotechniek 1988 Commerciële Economie 1984 Elektrotechniek.
  Apparati Effimeri, General Information Visual Performers: Federico Bigi Marco Grassivaro Roberto Fazio Sound Designer: BeInvisibleNow; www.beinvisiblenow.net Have participated in events, festivals national meetings (also exposing their individual projects) : Opus 2006 (Paris FR) Studio287 2006 (Aubervilliers FR) l’ile enchantee 2006 (Paris FR) Bmw 2006 (Courbevoie FR) Inp 2006 (Grenoble FR) Eurexpo 2006 (Lyon FR) Fnac 2007 (Paris FR) Lpm Live Performers meeting 2006 and 2007 (Rome IT) Visior-R 2006 (Paris FR) Aetna Visual Factory 2007(Catania IT) Sale d.o.c.k.s. (Venice IT) Freeshout 2007 (Prato IT) Contamin’Azioni 2007 (Modena IT) Rivamancina 2008 (Verona IT) Black Roses 2008 (Verona IT) Elektrokroen 2008 (Verona IT) Galleria A+A 2008 (Venezia IT) Venetian industries festival 2008 (Venezia IT) Versch festival 2008 (Amsterdam HL) Box II 2008 (Rome IT) Elettrowave festival 2008(Bologna IT) Homework festival 2008(Bologna IT) Vjfest festival 2008 (Istanbul TK) Tuttoscorre 2008 (Capri IT) Robot festival 2008 (Bologna IT) Geräuschsymphatie 2008 (Berlin DE) Dienstagswelt 2008 (Berlin DE) Bratislava SKEars Chewing Satisfunction Berlin DE Ausland Event - Berlin DE Stop Disco Mafia - Apparati Effimeri Architectural Visual Mapping Stradebluarte 2008 (Bologna IT) Itinerario Festival 2009 (Cesena IT) Santarcangelodeiteatri 2009 (Santarcangelo IT) Contact: Apparati Effimeri www.apparatieffimeri.com.
AnnAnderson Biennale Venedig: Ralph Ueltzhoeffer bei AnnAnderson Biennale-Künstlerverzeichnis.